Old building

Hatramij is today, as it has been throughout almost six decades, synonymous for dedicated marketing and trade in Suriname, aiming the Caribbean and neighboring Guyana and French Guyana in particular.

Throughout the subsidiary company Mojosur, Hatramij is involved in real estate development and management. 

The company started in Suriname at the end of 1956 at the Watermolenstraat 48 under the name Wijngaarde’s Agencies. This name was changed to Hagemeyer Wijngaarde Handelmij N.V. a few years later. In 1967 we moved to our current premises at Keizerstraat 43 and the name was again changed in 1987 to Hagemeyer (Suriname) N.V. after becoming a 100 percent subsidiary of the Hagemeyer group in Naarden, The Netherlands. 

The historic building at Watermolenstraat 48 where the company started its business in Suriname. After a series of re-organization which then followed by the once global trading company Hagemeyer, the company was taken over by the French REXEL and is now part of this group. This brought a tradition of a colonial company after nearly 100 years finally to an end. From 2008 Hagemeyer is in French hands and therefore no longer listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

The company, headquartered in Paramaribo, was part of the worldwide Hagemeyer group of companies until 1988 when Mr. R.M.F. Khodadin and colleague  Mr. H. Bhiekhemsing did a management buy-out and continued as a limited liability company, fully independent and under a new corporate identity, with the same management.

In 1998 Mr. H. Bhiekhemsing decided to retire and sold his share to the partner shareholder Mr. R.M.F. Khodadin.

The need to retain the allegiance of customers will continue to dominate the company’s strategic developments.

We employ over 100 people including the branch in Nieuw Nickerie, which was established in 1976. We represent a great number of manufacturers all over the world in food and in non-food products as well as durable consumer goods both electric and non-electric.
For efficiency purposes they are classified in the following main product groups:

  • Housewares (electric/non-electric)
  • Stationery
  • Leisure
  • Food/Non Alcoholic Beverages/Snacks
  • Cosmetics
  • General groceries/merchandise

Almost 60 years of successful representation have proved that a partnership with Hatramij enables a manufacturer’s product to penetrate a large number of customers economically and effectively. 

Future Outlook

Since the management buy-out in 1988, Hatramij has the ambition to become a diversified group of companies also active in manufacturing, export and service oriented businesses with high added value.
The company has grown steadily since and is getting well positioned for these challenges.


Tailor – made for you and your products

Because we are international oriented you can be confident that the best know-how and experience is available for you. 
At the same time Hatramij’s knowledge through its "on the spot" management offers you the greatest chance in identifying opportunities and penetrating the market, providing satisfactory sales growth. 
Once a product or product range joins us we give it the attention it rightfully deserves, and our efforts are devoted to developing it to its fullest potential.

We make a point of understanding your philosophy and of ensuring that our marketing plans are basically in accordance with this concept.

Our policy thus is completely marketing–oriented and in close consultation with you. We determine our product range, our price-setting in accordance with marketing objectives, take care of adequate distribution, advertising and promotion as well as pre- and after sales service.

We provide the required support to manufacturers such as: market information, sales force, warehousing, transport facilities, inventory control and administrative support.

We have brand managers who are highly skilled and general personnel supported by experienced senior managers eager to act. This core talent gives us an intimate knowledge of the environment and allows us to respond timely and effectively to the rapid changing market conditions.

To increase sales

Many others have not as yet enjoyed the advantage of product recognitions up to international standards. Hatramij has the ability to put you on the map: stronger said we are committed when given the opportunity and the chance to promote your products and to create for you the position you rightfully deserve, thus assisting the increasing of your export sales.


The importance of effective administration is obvious, bearing in mind that we handle a vast number of important product brands. The entire operation is computerized and provides sales statistics, financial reports and other marketing data to the management, marketing and sales department in any format. In addition, we are able to supply on time and detailed information to our principals.

Industrialization in Suriname

Hatramij is serious about diversification of its current activities to participate in the further developments of Suriname and undertakes every initiative to achieve this.

Our commitment

Hatramij’s object is to act as a strong marketing link between the manufacturer and the market.
This is only our basic thought of how we can assist you and how we go about it.
Why not get in touch with us so that we can discuss your interest?